Would you like to focus on what you do best? Are you losing ridiculous amounts of time and sleep to IT, accounting or other business challenges without seeing lasting results? It's time for a proactive and responsive business partner!

About Synergia Consultancy

Synergia Consultancy is a group that specializes in solutions for the many challenges your small business faces. Whether you are seeking solutions to IT, accounting or other unique business challenges, we are here for you! Your success is our mission.


Downtime is a showstopper for your business and distracts you and your staff from achieving goals. Let us take charge of design, planning, maintenance and support for your systems. Running and well-planned systems empower, rather than hinder, your mission.

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CFO & Controller

As a business owner, you wear numerous hats and work tirelessly, but even superheroes burn out. Let a responsive, proactive financial partner help you envision, plan and fund your business growth! Enjoy added peace of mind while we drive finance and accounting.

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SEC Filer Accounting

If your company is public, going public or raising capital, you need an experienced accountant to own your GAAP financial reporting and SEC filings. Responsiveness and specialized expertise simplify and save you time, freeing you up to unleash success!

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