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Painful SEC Filings

Tired of constant investor calls about your next SEC filing? Wondering where that audit report is? Drowning in never-ending requests from the auditor? Ready to stop stressing about every SEC filing deadline? It’s just a never-ending cycle, quarter-in and quarter-out.

Had enough yet? Great news, all that stress stops now! Let us own your next SEC filing process.


Why work with us?

You’ve decided to kick stress out and are ready to find someone to handle your next SEC filing. Any bookkeeper or CPA can handle audit requests or copy and paste financial statements, right? Sure, if you want to pay for extra stress. Get it right the first time with a professional who understands! 

You can expect three qualities from us:


Your time is valuable. While you, as management, must be involved at some level, we own and manage the end-to-end audit and SEC filing process for you. We don’t wait around – we grab the bull by the horns from Day 1 and push it to the finish line quickly.


An ex-auditor from the public company space expertly drives the filing process, knowing what the auditors are looking for. Experienced consultants understand and prepare US GAAP financial statements, disclosure and SEC filing financial information.


On-the-fly responses seem to save time but result in more work and delays. We are thorough and obsessed with getting it right. We thoroughly check accounting and fully address each audit request. The result? Less stress and speedy completion.

How You Win

Every company has its own set of accounting and SEC filing challenges. We own any part or all of the SEC filing process and bring quality through tailored solutions like these:


As full-cycle accounting experts, we will own as much or as little of your company’s accounting as you need and keep you ready for any reporting requirement.

IPO Readiness – Initial 2- or 3-year audits and registration statements take months, unless your accounting is audit-ready. We are experts in pre-IPO work and will quickly catch up and clean up your books on a high-quality US GAAP basis, complete with technical accounting, financial statements and MD&A.

Quarterly GAAP – We work with your current accountant to prepare and post quarterly US GAAP accounting and adjustments.

Full-Cycle Accounting – We are your one-stop-shop for accounting and SEC financial reporting expertise. We will close your books at least monthly, so you constantly have top-quality information to drive the business forward.


Congratulations, you just closed a financing round!

But wait, with practically simple transactions, such as convertible debt, stock subscriptions, sales contracts, leases, or stock-based compensation comes a complex technical accounting burden.

Don’t sweat it! Let us build technical accounting from underlying documents, write technical memos, post US GAAP adjustments and write disclosures. We will even explain it in layman’s terms.

We specialize in complex technical accounting issues, such as:
Convertible debt (ASC 470)
Revenue recognition (ASC 606)
Stock-based compensation (ASC 718)
Business combinations (ASC 805)
Consolidation (ASC 810)
Derivatives (ASC 815)
New lease standard (ASC 842)


SEC financial reporting and disclosure is complex and multi-faceted, and you can lose months or get in serious trouble for improperly disclosing or failing to disclose information.

We work hand-in-hand with you, your securities counsel and auditors to produce the highest quality financial information in your SEC filing, including:

Financial Statements – We prepare beautiful, technically sound, auditable US GAAP financial statements, complete with schedules and disclosure.

Management Discussion and Analysis – We prepare analysis over financial condition and explain changes in financial statement numbers.

SEC Comments – When you receive an SEC comment letter, we immediately coordinate with securities counsel to quickly resolve every accounting comment.

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